How to Shift Your Team’s Mindset Toward Productivity

Tuesday November 29th, 2016

Team-ProductivityA productive mindset can help your employees to focus on keeping your company running smoothly. Positivity and creativity play a role, as well as a daily mindset practice for your office. Here are a few ways to encourage your team members to practice a productivity mindset.

Practice Mindset Regularly, Daily if Possible

Give your team something to look forward to on a daily basis. Start the day off with a positive email to your team that lets every member know he or she is appreciated within the workplace. Provide them with a positive or inspirational quote or message that the entire team could benefit from reading.

Starting the work day this way helps to energize and motivate your team because this specific email breaks the mold of the typical check-ins and status reports. Your team will be more likely to start the day off on the right foot if the first email they read is positive in nature.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Not only is this phrase catchy, it’s implicitly true when it comes to a productive and efficient workplace. A team-based environment is consistently more productive than an independently-operated set of tasks. Team members are able to bounce ideas off of one another, brainstorm, and discover creative solutions that allow for demonstration and application of individual strengths.

Foster teamwork by encouraging creative collaborations and hosting team-building exercises at least once per quarter.

Encourage Play

A creative mind is often a more productive mind. Allowing your team members to construct creative solutions to everyday problems, or to participate creatively in new projects, encourages the concept of play at work. Remember the phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? It’s true. Studies have shown that employees who are able to experience fun and creative work options are more productive than those who are encouraged to keep their noses to the grindstone.

Encourage your employees to play with their options for work, and to help their team members think creatively while on the clock.

Create Measurable Goals and Celebrate Them

Any organization can create goals; it’s another thing to celebrate them. By actively celebrating completed goals and deadlines, you are actively showing appreciation to your team. Celebrating completed deadlines allows the entire team to feel good about making yet another meaningful step in their progress through a project. This positivity and encouragement helps your team to focus on staying productive in order to reach that next celebration point.

Celebration doesn’t have to be anything complicated or expensive. It could be something as simple as taking your team out for lunch, hosting your team members and their families at a BBQ, or dropping each team member a $15 gift card to their favorite coffee spot.

Do you practice any of these productivity mindset tips with your team? How have your results fared?