Resources to Simplify FSA Enrollment This Year

Tuesday November 1st, 2016

FSAOpen enrollment season is looming ahead, and for many human resources and benefits specialists, this time of year is the cause of a lot of stress. We are here to help by providing resources and tools to you and your staff that will simplify the process of enrollment in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) from start to finish. 


Employees and their dependents can take advantage of a number of benefits when they enroll in an FSA. Money that is set aside to pay for qualified health and dependent care expenses is put into the FSA before taxes are taken out. As long as the participant uses the funds for approved expenses, the reimbursements and/or payments are tax-free as well.


Participants also have free anytime access to an extensive FSA Resource Center that includes an FSA calculator, detailed documents that list qualified expenses, FAQs, and much more. Another resource is the dedicated support line and chat for participants. 


If you’re looking for resources that help increase participation and educate employees about benefit offerings, check out the FSA Resource Center for Employers. Here you’ll find a video library, guides, and FAQs that you can share with your employees. 


When open enrollment comes around, your company needs resources to help employees and their dependents understand what services are available to them. We have the resources you need to help take the stress out of FSA enrollment this year.