Get Ready for Winter With These 4 FSA-Approved Essentials

Tuesday December 10th, 2019

As the winter season approaches, you may be looking for ways to prepare for colder, shorter days. You’re also nearing the end of when you can spend any remaining funds in your health flexible spending account (FSA), so take advantage of this pre-tax money by stocking up on what you need to get through the winter.

  1. Cold and Flu Remedies

    Winter is a prime time for coming down with the common cold and the flu. Be prepared for any ailments that may take you down by purchasing remedies that can help soothe your symptoms and help you get back to normal fast.

    With a prescription from your physician, you can pick up OTC cold medications, including cough syrup, combination medicines that treat multiple symptoms, and cold relief nasal sprays. Eligible items that don’t require a prescription include saline wipes and sprays, which are perfect for kids when they have stuffy noses, thermometers, nasal aspirators and irrigators, and vaporizers and humidifiers.

  2. Athletic Treatments and Elastics

    Whether you’re staying active in the gym or hitting the slopes, the last thing you want to worry about is being sidelined with a winter injury. Protect yourself with elastic braces, wraps, and athletic treatments that are designed to provide support during high-impact activity. You can also shop for shoe insoles that keep your feet comfortable when you’re undergoing your toughest workouts.

  3. Travel Essentials

    Planning a trip to visit friends or family for the holidays? Make sure your suitcase has what you need to stay healthy and comfortable. FSA-eligible travel items include sunscreen, lip care, family planning supplies, shoe insoles for extra support, and moisturizing treatments for your skin.

    If you’re traveling with kids, you can pick up items that will help you care for them during your trip as well. A portable, rechargeable breast pump is a must-have for longer trips, while a baby health monitor can help you keep an eye on your baby’s vital signs when you’re sleeping away from home. Other kid-friendly necessities include vitamins, nasal aspirators, children’s sunscreen, and nasal wipes.

  4. Contacts and Glasses

    Look ahead to the new year with clear vision by stocking up on contact lenses or a new pair of glasses. These vision expenses are FSA-eligible, as long as you have a prescription from your eye doctor. You can even pick up a new pair of prescription sunglasses with your FSA dollars.

Don’t let your funds expire unused! Stock up on the winter necessities before the end of the year. Check out the other eligible expenses or visit the FSA Store to start shopping.