Find HSA and FSA Eligible Items Online

Wednesday April 15th, 2020

Using your HSA and FSA dollars to purchase products online for you and your family need is just smart these days. Luckily we have two companies we partner with have curated their sites with nothing but unique eligible products! No more guessing, no more uncertainty, and no more worrying about getting sick at the store.

Just learn about and choose the unique products that you need and you're all set. All items listed on both sites are HSA and FSA eligible, you can use your Benefit Card, and there is no documentation required!

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Health Shopper lets you search and shop for a wide array of FSA and HSA eligible items. Health Shopper delivers a custom-curated product list, with seasonal recommendations, topical content and superior search functionality. It is provided to you via a familiar, comfortable e-commerce experience through Amazon. is a trusted expert in flex spending that helps consumers get more from health benefits. It’s the largest online marketplace for guaranteed FSA and HSA-eligible products. It’s the company's mission to help HSA and FSA holders manage and use their HSAs and save on more than 4,000 health items using tax-free health money.

Health Shopper and FSA/HSA Store are available Infinisource participants at no additional cost, just go to the site via the links to discover eligible products, and potential savings while shopping online to purchase your products!

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