Digital Health Coaching Plans: How Can They Benefit Your Employees?

Wednesday September 6th, 2017

digitalhealthcoachCorporate wellness initiatives and programs are popping up as employers invest more in the health and wellbeing of their employees while recognizing the added benefit to the company bottom line. A healthy team is a productive team, which leads to a more efficient workflow and increased value to the brand. Chronic illnesses caused by inactivity lead to higher healthcare costs for employers, so it is no surprise that many employers are seeking to eradicate those illnesses by encouraging their employees to invest in their health, even rewarding certain health initiatives.

Financial gain is not the only reason for initiating a wellness program within your company. If you care about creating and nurturing a positive work environment for your team, it’s only natural that you would care about their physical wellbeing as well as their mental health. Creating a company culture that is centered around positivity, support and encouragement goes a long way to boost company morale, increase your retention rate, and ensure that your employees are happy in their work. Wellness programs can directly contribute to these goals, but it’s not easy to get a program up and running. Employees may not feel comfortable talking about their personal health struggles with their coworkers, and may not feel motivated to participate.

Enter: The Digital Health Coaching Plan – an innovative way to introduce a wellness program to your team that isn’t invasive and doesn’t require them to share personal information. A digital health coaching plan provides a customized experience to employees that will help manage their health and act as a personal wellness mentor.

They’ll reap the benefits of a custom-tailored wellness action plan that includes interactive guidance and support tools, while your company will benefit from improved management of high-cost chronic illnesses and increased productivity without invading your employees’ personal space.

So, what can a digital health coaching plan do for your employees?

Get Personal, Privately

A digital health coaching plan begins with a questionnaire for participants that is designed to evaluate their unique health situations, self-confidence, motivation and potential barriers to their success. It creates a specific plan of action that is unique to each person and particular situation based on the responses. The information is completely confidential and only accessible by the individual. This is particularly appealing to anyone who may feel uncomfortable discussing sensitive issues like weight management, anxiety or depression, or other illnesses they simply wish to keep private.

The Tools to Succeed

The digital health coaching program doesn’t stop with just assessing the issues, but provides tools resources to help each participant push past any barriers. Each company is able to customize the offerings of their digital health coaching plan to suit the needs of the team. For example, if your team works in an office where each person is sitting for long periods of time, your digital health coaching program can offer tips on stretches and movements to do at their desk that increase blood flow, or set reminders to get up and walk regularly throughout the work day. Perhaps you have an employee that struggles with insomnia. The digital health coaching program can provide resources to aid that issue as well. The program can provide tips, recipes, exercise regimens, diet and nutrition advice, 24-hour assistance, mentors – anything your team might need to live their healthies, best lives.

The Perks of Better Health

It’s no secret that poor physical health can wreak havoc on your mental health as well. An unhealthy lifestyle can increase the risk of insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. In a work environment, those things can lead quickly to burnout. Focusing on better health will help your employees not only feel physically better, but also to improve their feelings of emotional and mental well-being.

If your goal is to create a wellness program for your team and foster a positive and supportive company culture, then a digital health coaching program is a definite step in the right direction. You’ll soon reap the benefits of a healthier, happier team.

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