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COBRA: There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Tuesday August 14th 2018

The COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) law has been a mandated burden for employers for over 30 years. It provides rights to health insurance to former eligible employees, spouses and dependent children if coverage was lost due to a specific qualifying event. The employer’s responsibility is to communicate those rights at various times, primarily at time of initial enrollment and at the time of a qualifying event. The employer is then required to reinstate coverage to the group health plan for those beneficiaries who properly elect and pay for the coverage.

What many employers still overlook, however, is how many other laws interact with or are affected by COBRA. Review the full overview of how various laws are impacted by COBRA here:  (written by Dan Taylor, VP of Sales at Infinisource Benefit Services and included in the August 2018 issue of California Broker)

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