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What the Recent ACA Ruling Means for Employers

13 February, 2020

In December of 2019, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional. This ruling was made by a vote of two to one, resulting in some uncertainty among both employers and employees. The individual mandate of the ACA previously r...

Get Ready for Winter With These 4 FSA-Approved Essentials

10 December, 2019

As the winter season approaches, you may be looking for ways to prepare for colder, shorter days. You’re also nearing the end of when you can spend any remaining funds in your health flexible spending account (FSA), so take advantage of this pre-tax money by stocking up on what you need to g...

6 End-of-Summer Essentials to Buy With Your FSA

24 July, 2019

As we’re nearing the end of summer, you may be stocking up on a few essentials to enjoy the last few weeks of longer, sunny days. Take a look at a few of the things that you can use the money in your flexible spending account (FSA) to cover! 1. Summer Day Camp If you have a dependent care fl...