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Battling Springtime Allergies and Ailments With Your FSA/HSA

09 April, 2019

During the spring, the flowers start to bloom, the grass is green again, and the trees regain their leaves. The atmosphere is often quite picturesque, although the change can also result in some unpleasant side effects. Allergy sufferers know just how the blooming can impact them as the plants start...

HSA Contribution Limits for 2018 Won’t Reflect Tax Law’s Contentious Changes, IRS Says

29 May, 2018

Heading into 2018, the maximum contribution limit for employees’ health savings accounts started out at $6,900 for families (up from $6,750 in 2017) and $3,450 for individuals (up from $3,400 in 2017), based on a letter provided by the agency in April. HSAs, which are tax-advantaged accounts that m...

All About the Benefits of Health Savings Accounts

21 March, 2018

Jody Oliver, President and CEO of Infinisource Benefit Services, was a recent guest on Linda Bell’s popular segment on saving money, hosted on the Fox News Network. Oliver is an expert on health savings accounts (HSAs) and overviewed the benefits of using an HSA to prepare for the future. Who Can Us...