4 Ways the iFlex Mobile App Can Save You Time

Tuesday September 19th, 2017

iflex_mobile_500xIn today’s busy world, time-saving options are always welcome. If you’re using a flexible spending account (FSA) from Infinisource Benefit Services, using the iFlex mobile app along with your FSA can save you time and effort.

Check Account Balance from Anywhere

Imagine that you’re at the doctor’s office or pharmacy and you need to make a copay or payment for the service. Do you know how much money is in your health FSA right now? If you don’t have enough for the total cost, your card could end up getting declined. Simply open the iFlex app while you’re in the waiting room to find out your account balance.

You can also view the breakdown of paid claims by category, your election summary for the year, and the total contributions you’ve made to date.

File a Claim

If you paid for an eligible expense out of pocket, you can submit that cost for reimbursement through the iFlex mobile app. You can even snap a photo of the receipt with your smartphone and upload it instantly for faster reimbursement. You’ll receive the money in your bank account via direct deposit within a few days of the claim being approved, or you can request to receive a paper check in the mail, although the processing time is longer.

View Messages

When you pay for an expense with your FSA debit card, you might need to submit a receipt to substantiate the purchase (although Infinisource Benefit Services has an extremely high auto-adjudication rate, which means the odds of this are lower). If the FSA support team needs a receipt or has a question on your account, they’ll send you a secure message through the portal. These messages can easily be viewed from the iFlex mobile app!

Instant Access to the FSA Resource Center

If you have a question about whether an expense is eligible under your FSA or you can’t remember exactly how to submit a claim, simply tap the “Resource Center” icon at the bottom of the screen within the iFlex app. This will take you directly to the FSA Resource Center, an online portal available 24/7 that is packed with helpful guides, FAQs, lists of eligible and ineligible expenses, and videos.

With so many built-in tools and resources, the iFlex mobile app is the perfect companion to your FSA from Infinisource Benefit Services. Download the app, available for free on iOS and Android devices, and start taking advantage of time savings today!


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