3 Benefits of Encouraging Mindfulness in the Workplace

Wednesday July 5th, 2017

workplace-mindfulnessYou’ve probably been hearing a lot about mindfulness lately. As more studies are done, information about mindfulness and its positive impact on the brain and body is being recognized, not only by medical professionals but by company leaders as well.

Here are three benefits of mindfulness in the workplace that will inspire you to start encouraging the practice in your own office.

Enhanced Focus

Distractions are all around us. Whether these come from our phones, computers, coworker drama or an overload of tasks to complete, something can always steal the focus of your team, making it harder for them to complete their work. While you can’t eliminate all distractions, you can encourage practices that help focus the mind and tune out the excess noise. Mindfulness is one such practice that promotes being fully present in each moment. This basic principle will help clear the minds of your employees, allowing them to remain focused on the task at hand. Mindfulness in the workplace not only enhances focus, but also increases productivity as a result.

Improve Problem-Solving Skills

Because mindfulness is a helpful tool in enhancing focus and increasing productivity, it can also change the way your team solves problems. A clear mind that is focused on the task at hand is more open to a variety of solutions to any given problem. An open mind is one that is better able to communicate and work through a problem. Encouraging mindfulness amongst your employees will change their way of thinking and make them more open to the ideas of those around them. As a result, each member of your team will truly be able to contribute their best thoughts and opinions to the greater good of the entire team.

By changing how they view and solve problems, your team members will be more effective and much more likely to form a more cohesive bond, which can further strengthen their efforts to complete any project.

Boost Employee Morale

Employee morale is one important thing you are responsible for as a company leader. You must always be conscious of your employees’ feelings of frustration, stress or anxiety in order to make possible changes and improvements.

A cluttered mind is more prone to anxiety, stress and tension. The daily responsibilities of your team members may weigh heavily on them if they aren’t able to compartmentalize and focus on specific tasks. Through mindfulness, your employees can reduce stress and anxiety, boosting the overall morale of the entire team.

Encouraging mindfulness in the workplace is largely about what kind of company culture you wish to create. Do you wish to provide an environment that is stressful, chaotic and limiting or one that is open, focused and productive? If your goal is to achieve the latter, which places the ultimate priority on the well-being of your entire team, then the practice of mindfulness is a valuable tool that you simply cannot ignore. Encourage your team to be more present in each moment, to breathe and reduce stress, and to clear their minds of distractions in order to be more productive, engaged and open to the views of those working around them.