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How to Capitalize on What Your Employees Do Best

Every office is comprised of a diverse pool of unique talents and personalities working together towards a common company goal. As a leader in your company, it can sometimes be difficult to manage the strengths and weaknesses of each member of your […]

Paying Off Student Loans and Building 401(k)s: IRS Suggests Workers Can Do Both

Recent statistics show that 44 million Americans have student loan debt, totaling $1.4 trillion. This financial burden prevents people from making other investments—including saving for retirement. Can employers help? There are few who do, even though repayment plans could attract job seekers […]

What Makes People Unhappy at Work?

You can’t make everybody happy. It’s just a simple truth that we hear all the time. With diverse personalities, opinions and beliefs, we are not likely to all be satisfied by the same things. That’s okay – that’s life. But that idea […]

Is Leadership More Important Than Company Culture?

By now, if you haven’t read about, heard about, or thought about the impact of leadership and culture on the success of a company, then you may quite possibly be living in the dark ages. Leadership and company culture are the current […]

COBRA: There’s More Than Meets the Eye

The COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) law has been a mandated burden for employers for over 30 years. It provides rights to health insurance to former eligible employees, spouses and dependent children if coverage was lost due to a specific qualifying […]