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Some things really do last forever


There are times when life gives us trials and situations to deal with. Life events such as moving or losing a job can become difficult and stressful. Many feel that surrendering or throwing in the towel may be the answer, much like […]

Voluntary Health Plans and COBRA: What Should be Offered?

health benefits1

Health care has become increasingly complex and many employers may be confused as to what is now required by law. Employers who maintain group health plans (GHP) for 20 or more employees on 50 percent of its typical business days during the […]

DOL Updates Model Notices

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On Monday, May 5, 2014, the Obama Administration announced a proposal to clarify availability of Health Insurance Marketplace coverage to workers eligible for COBRA. There are updates to the Department of Labor (DOL) model notices to let workers know that if they […]

DOL Increases Audits to Enforce ACA Compliance


Employers subject to COBRA can also be subject to a DOL audit of the documents, procedures and processes related to those benefits.  In March 2012, the IRS provided a plan for COBRA audits and published a guide on audit techniques for examiners […]

Don’t Foul Out on Run-out Periods During March Madness

March Madness

It’s that time of year – March Madness. But instead of the annual NCAA basketball tournament that begins in mid-March, we are referring to the March madness that deals with adjudicating Health FSA and HRA claims during the typical run-out period. A […]