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Should I Use a Flexible Spending Account?


Whether you just started a new job or you’ve been working for your company for years, you have some decisions when it comes to the benefits. Your employer likely offers a lot more than just health insurance as part of a comprehensive […]

3 Benefits of Encouraging Mindfulness in the Workplace


You’ve probably been hearing a lot about mindfulness lately. As more studies are done, information about mindfulness and its positive impact on the brain and body is being recognized, not only by medical professionals but by company leaders as well. Here are […]

3 Ways to Minimize Workplace Negativity


Bad days happen to everyone. Even the most positive people hit a slump from time to time. Unfortunately a slump can be contagious. As a leader in your workplace, your job is to stay on top of the environment your team is […]

What Great Leaders Do Differently


Everyone has a different style of leadership. Some are more authoritative while others are passive and more inclusive. While there is probably a need for all types in the business world, several traits help separate the goods from the greats. So what […]

4 Ways to Take Advantage of a High-Deductible Health Plan


As the costs of health care and coverage continue to increase across the U.S., many employers are starting to offer high-deductible health plans (HDHP) These usually come with lower premiums, making them appealing to employees and their dependents. According to the CDC’s […]