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4 Ways the iFlex Mobile App Can Save You Time


In today’s busy world, time-saving options are always welcome. If you’re using a flexible spending account (FSA) from Infinisource Benefit Services, using the iFlex mobile app along with your FSA can save you time and effort. Check Account Balance from Anywhere Imagine […]

Digital Health Coaching Plans: How Can They Benefit Your Employees?


Corporate wellness initiatives and programs are popping up as employers invest more in the health and wellbeing of their employees while recognizing the added benefit to the company bottom line. A healthy team is a productive team, which leads to a more […]

Using a Dependent Care FSA to Save on Child Care Costs


According to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of dual-income families has increased steadily in the recent past. In 2016, of the 34.2 million American families that include children under the age of 18, 61.1% had both parents […]

Should I Use a Flexible Spending Account?


Whether you just started a new job or you’ve been working for your company for years, you have some decisions when it comes to the benefits. Your employer likely offers a lot more than just health insurance as part of a comprehensive […]

3 Benefits of Encouraging Mindfulness in the Workplace


You’ve probably been hearing a lot about mindfulness lately. As more studies are done, information about mindfulness and its positive impact on the brain and body is being recognized, not only by medical professionals but by company leaders as well. Here are […]