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Better Communication in the Workplace: The How and the Why


Without effective workplace communication, businesses cannot reach their full potential because of time wasted on misunderstandings. Productive employees need effective workplace communication. Four things motivate employees: compensation, a sense of belonging, understanding their environment and the ability to defend their accomplishments. Of […]

Bad Weather and Pay Practices: Should workers be paid if they can’t report for work in a storm?


Bad Weather and Pay Practices: Should workers be paid if they can’t report for work in a storm? Severe weather—like the snowstorm that covered most of the eastern U.S. this week—can have businesses grappling with two crucial questions: Should we close our doors? And, should we pay […]

State-Sponsored Retirement Benefits for Private-Sector Workers: They’re Closer than You Think


Sixty-eight million American workers in the private sector do not have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Twenty-six states are looking to change that by offering state-sponsored retirement plans—such as an automatic IRA or ERISA-compliant 401(k) account—that private-sector workers can contribute to […]

Top Six Benefit Trends for 2016


As 2015 has come and gone, most people are looking ahead to what 2016 will bring. Whether their resolutions include personal health, professional growth, or time with loved ones, chances are good that the benefits they receive at work will be important […]

What Motivates Employees In the Workplace?


Many employers know that motivation is a key element of being a good leader. Yet, somehow they still seem to miss the mark when it comes to actively motivating their employees. Employee motivation ought to be a priority on any employer’s list […]