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DOL Investigation Recovers Back Wages


Avoiding violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) should always be on an employer’s checklist.  When FLSA provisions aren’t followed, the consequences can quickly affect a company’s bottom line, as discovered by a supermarket chain based in the New York City […]

Data breach results in $4.8 million HIPAA settlement


Participants have a fundamental right under HIPAA’s privacy rules to receive their protected health information (PHI).  It is the responsibility of covered entities to protect that information; something that may be especially difficult in this technology age. Recently, two health care entities […]

5 Tips for Easier Payroll Processing


Think about all the different tasks that an employer has to accomplish to keep their business running. That task list is very long and undoubtedly includes payroll. While many employees may not recognize the work and depth of payroll processing, those who […]

Some things really do last forever


There are times when life gives us trials and situations to deal with. Life events such as moving or losing a job can become difficult and stressful. Many feel that surrendering or throwing in the towel may be the answer, much like […]

Misclassification Costs over Half a Million Dollars


Have you ever considered how classified your grocery shopping trip experience is?  Frozen foods, bakery items, dairy, meats – classification to help make your shopping easier and more efficient.  Misclassification could result in the ice cream melting in the bread aisle, a […]