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The Power of Social Recruiting for Recruiters


Social media has greatly impacted the way companies conduct business in all areas. Not only is social media becoming a customary method for marketing, job recruiters are also turning to these online networks to research candidates. This method of screening has multiple […]

Harvest the Best Talent with an Effective Talent Management System


As an employer, managing your human capital can be a daunting task. How can you be sure that your employees are paid well for the positions they occupy? How can you track their achievements in a way that produces positive results for […]

Top 4 Benefits of a Better Onboarding Process


For many new employees the onboarding process is their first chance to really see how a company operates. Does the company provide clear instructions? Is HR and management responsive? Are new hires filling out the same form three times because it keeps […]

Attention All Startups: Payroll Information You Can’t Miss


Starting a business is exciting. New opportunities abound as you develop your startup, and begin to receive interest from prospective clients. Due to the excitement and busy nature of starting a business, many startup owners overlook one critical aspect of owning a […]

Employers Stuck Between A Rock And A High Deductible Health Plan


Health insurance deductibles are a fairly common practice in the world that we live in. An employer offers a specific health care plan to employees, in which the employee will pay a certain amount of money out of pocket for health care […]