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The New Overtime Rule: What It Requires, Whom It Affects


The Labor Department’s new overtime rule—released in May and scheduled to take effect on Dec. 1—extends the Fair Labor Standards Act’s protections to most salaried workers who earn less than $47,476 a year ($913 a week). The move will expand FLSA coverage […]

Can Your Company Benefit From Mindset Training?


Employees feel better equipped on the job when they are confident that they can handle crises that arise in the workplace. When stressors in the workplace add up, they can easily burn out even the best of employees. Add that to the […]

Telehealth can be the right call for cost-conscious employers—if HIPAA standards are met


Telehealth—an alternate means of providing medical services by phone or video consultations, email, remote passive monitoring services or the electronic transmittal of medical information—has been around for years, but it is fast becoming a medical service option provided by employers as an […]

Promote Yourself: 5 Key Ways to Stand Out at Work


Competition in the workplace is stiff. In order to get that promotion you are looking at (or sometimes, even just to survive employment cuts), you need to stand out from the crowd. Getting the job done and staying out of trouble really […]

New FLSA Overtime Rules Make Accurate Time Tracking More Important Than Ever


Just last week, On May 18, 2016, Secretary Perez and President Obama announced that the Department of Labor finalized drastic changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which update overtime regulations. These new changes will go into effect on December 1, […]