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Dental COBRA Notice Failure Painful


Many of us are apprehensive about a trip to the dentist.  Will I have a cavity?  Will they do something that hurts?  What will all this cost?  Although this employer did not go to the dentist, a dental notice failure proved very […]

Have you Checked Your Year-end List?


Some of us make lists for everything – spring cleaning, errands, groceries and daily tasks.  There’s one list that HR, payroll and benefit professionals should definitely have – their year-end requirements. Here are some items that should be on that list: General […]

2015 just got exciting because of these four words: “Established by a State”


During the Supreme Court’s conference November 7, 2014, they decided to hear the King vs. Burwell case.  In this case, the Fourth Circuit upheld allowing subsidies to individuals in an exchange other than one that is state run.  Interesting decision by the […]

Loophole in the Minimum Value Test? Not so fast …


We found a Loophole!  That was the cry from certain brokers, TPAs or employers when they investigated two separate pieces of the health care law in 2014.  But as the cautionary warning states, buyer beware!  Sometimes loopholes can turn into slipknots and […]

Poor Recordkeeping Doesn’t Float


Hard to imagine someone contracted with our federal government would try to avoid paying proper wages.  Makes you wonder if someone was thinking this issue would either float away or sink deep, like a hidden treasure. A recent DOL Wage and Hour […]