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Portable Benefits Systems: A Big Idea for Solving a Gig Problem


The rise of the gig economy has brought increased attention to the lack of benefits available to the independent contractors who work in it. The gig economy creates employment opportunities on a contract basis, usually through web-based applications, and the jobs are […]

5 Things You Should Discuss With Your Team


Every HR manager across the globe knows that feedback is what makes or breaks a business. Without feedback, we’d probably still believe that manual labor is the most efficient way to accomplish any task. Since you already know that feedback is important, […]

Dual Fixes for Wellness Programs Are Causing Double Trouble for Employers


Workplace wellness programs are a great way for employers to improve their workers’ health habits. Employees like the rewards they receive and the feeling that they are partnering with their company toward a larger goal. And employers like the reduced sick-leave days […]